Novamente Artificial General Intelligence

Novamente Artificial General Intelligence

Автор: Daniel Martin


This is a book for a design science research exploring the Novamente approach to artificial general intelligence (AGI) as a solution for designing computing architectures that can deal with unstructured data in today’s business enterprises. The outcome of this research seeks to establish a model and a methodology for designing and prototyping a local Mind Operating System (OS). A local Mind OS is an operating system that will be implemented on a single hybrid intelligent personal computer (PC). A hybrid intelligent PC utilizes a hybrid computing architecture base on a weightless neural network that complements the typical Von Neumann architecture. This research starts with an initial Emulator/Translator prototype and a set of class libraries based on the literature. Through iterative refinement and reflection from experimentation the research validates and resolves answers to the research questions presented. The final outcome of this design science research is a refined…

Издатель: Scholars' Press

Год: 2013



Страниц: 168

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