On Designing Energy Conserving WSN

On Designing Energy Conserving WSN

Автор: Mohammad Uruj Jaleel


Sensors are low cost tiny devices with limited storage, computational capability and power. They can be deployed in large scale for performing both military and civilian tasks. The main concern in Wireless Sensor Networks is how to utilize the limited energy resources. The performance of Wireless Sensor Networks strongly depends on their lifetime. As a result, Dynamic Power Management approaches with the purpose of reduction of energy consumption in sensor nodes, after deployment and designing of the network, have drawn attentions of many research studies. The neural-networks algorithms can lead to lower communication costs and energy conservation. All these characteristics show great analogy and compatibility between wireless sensor networks and neural networks. This book main focus is to present the most important possible application of neural networks in reduction of energy consumption.

Издатель: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Год: 2013



Страниц: 168

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